International Flute Seminar Bruges

Summer Course

International Flute Seminar Bruges 2021
July 15-20, 2021
Monastery School Zevenkerken, Bruges (Belgium)

Masterclasses - Workshops - Piccolo
Individual Lessons - Warming Up - Flute Ensemble - Teachers' Conference
Alexander Technique - Audition Training - Junior Day

Junior Day 2021
for flute players up to the age of 12
July 19, 2021
Monastery School Zevenkerken, Bruges (Belgium)

Flute adventure day with a wide range of activities
Flute Fitness - Flute and Harp - Quiz - Flute Estafette - Flute Ensemble - Flute Olympics - Junior Concert

Teaching Staff
° Aldo Baerten
° Peter Verhoyen
° Blaz Snoj

Course accompanists
° Stefan De Schepper (piano)
° Pieter-Jan Verhoyen​ (piano, harpsichord)
° Ann-Sofie Verhoyen (harp)

Alexander Technique
° Helga Henckens

Junior Day
° Annemie Verhoyen

Verne Q. Powell Flutes Inc. offers a scholarship for students aged between 15 and 24, who can clearly demonstrate that they have significant musical potential but cannot afford fees to attend the International Flute Seminar Bruges 2021.
Send your application form with a motivation letter and a recording (audio or video) before April 1, 2021 to
Applicants will be informed of the results of their application before te the end of April.

Special Prizes
° IFSB offers the summer course 2021 to a prize winner of the Dutch International Flute Competition.
° Verne Q. Powell offers a silver Powell headjoint to a participant of the IFSB summer course 2021.

Course Fees
° Whole course (including tuition, full board, lodging in single rooms) : € 680,-
° Early bird rate : € 660,- when booked prior to May 1, 2021
° Sheet package : € 17,-
° Day tickets : € 120,- per day (full board included)
° Extra overnight stay (arrival July 14, 2021 / departure July 21, 2021) : € 45,-
° Junior Day (July 19, 2021) (inclusive lunch, snack, drinks) : € 50,-

If we have to cancel the summer course due to COVID-19, we will give a full refund or offer you the chance to attend IFSB 2022 instead.
If you cannot travel to Bruges because of COVID-19, we will give a full refund as well.

Application Form
Click here to download the application form for IFSB Summer School 2021
Please print, complete and send your application form by e-mail to the IFSB office

International Flute Seminar Bruges
't Kloosterhof 67
B-8200 Sint-Michiels
E-mail :

Flute Competition

The IFSB online flute competition for amateur flutists from Flanders is a big success.
Last month we received 71 applications, divided into four categories.
The IFSB jury (Aldo Baerten, Peter Verhoyen, Blaz Snoj) was delighted to explore the high level of flute and piccolo playing in Flanders.
The results of the competition wil be announced shortly.

° First Prize (6 to 11 years) : flute backpack (offered by Adams Flute Center)
° First Prize (12 to 14 years) : flute backpack (offered by Adams Flute Center)
° First Prize (15 to 17 years) : flute backpack (offered by Adams Flute Center)
° First Prize (+18) : revision flute or piccolo (offered by Adams Flute Center)
° First Prize (across all categories) : Roy Seaman Storm piccolo (offered by Gemeinhardt Musical Instruments)
° Second Prize (across all categories) : numerous CDs and coupons
° Prize for the best interpretation of a composition from the Golden River Music catalogus (
° Prize foir each participant


October 25, 2020 - IFSB Concert
Chamber Music by Friedrich Kuhlau
Aldo Baerten (flute) - Blaz Snoj (flute) - Peter Verhoyen (flute, piccolo) - Stefan De Schepper (piano)
8 PM CET - Joseph Ryelandtzaal Bruges (Belgium)

October 25, 2020 - IFSB Festival Day
Teachers concert, masterclasses, students concert
Aldo Baerten (flute) - Blaz Snoj (flute) - Peter Verhoyen (flute, piccolo) - Stefan De Schepper (piano)
Joseph Ryelandtzaal Bruges (Belgium)

January 10, 2021 - IFSB Webinar
Online mini recital, lectures, masteclasses, Q & A session
Aldo Baerten (flute) - Blaz Snoj (flute) - Peter Verhoyen (flute, piccolo) - Pieter-Jan Verhoyen (piano)
Online from Kloosterhof St Michiels (Belgium)

January 23, 2021 - IFSB Livestream Concert
Chamber Music by Léo Delibes, Jacques Ibert, Friedrich Kuhlau, Maurice Ravel
Aldo Baerten (flute) - Blaz Snoj (flute) - Peter Verhoyen (flute, piccolo) - Ann-Sofie Verhoyen (harp)
8 PM CET - Online from Sint-Barbara-Kerk Sint-Genesius-Rode (Belgium)

January 24, 2021 - IFSB Livestream Concert
Chamber Music by Jean Absil, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Hector Berlioz, Gaetano Donizetti
Aldo Baerten (flute) - Blaz Snoj (flute) - Peter Verhoyen (flute, piccolo) - Ann-Sofie Verhoyen (harp)
8 PM CET - Online from Auditorium St Lodewijkscollege Bruges (Belgium)

March 28, 2021 - IFSB Online Festival Day
Aldo Baerten (flute) - Blaz Snoj (flute) - Peter Verhoyen (piccolo) - Pieter-Jan Verhoyen (harpsichord)
8 PM CET - Online from Monastery School Zevenkerken Bruges (Belgium)

May 15, 2021 - IFSB Concert
Concerti by Johann Sebastian Bach and Antonio Vivaldi
Aldo Baerten (flute) - Blaz Snoj (flute) - Peter Verhoyen (piccolo)
Lisanne Soeterbroek (violin) - Aki Saulière (violin) - Tonny Nys (viola) - Raphael Bell (violoncello) - Tom Devaere (double bass)
Pieter-Jan Verhoyen (harpsichord)
8 PM CET - Online from OLV Hemelvaartkerk Bornem (Belgium)

July 15-20, 2021 - IFSB Summer Course
Warming up, workshops, piccolo, masterclasses, individual lessons, concerts, teachers' conference, flute choir, Alexander technique, audition training, junior day
Aldo Baerten (flute) - Blaz Snoj (flute) - Peter Verhoyen (piccolo) - Stefan De Schepper (piano) - Pieter-Jan Verhoyen (piano, harpsichord) - Ann-Sofie Verhoyen (harp)
Helga Henckens (Alexander technique) - Annemie Verhoyen (junior coach)
Monastery School Zevenkerken Bruges (Belgium)

Tickets and info


welcomes professional flute players, students, advanced amateur flute players and young flutists in the beautiful Monastery School in Zevenkerken near Bruges. We offer a six day seminar with masterclasses, workshops, warming up, individual lessons, piccolo, Alexander technique, audition training, flute choir, teachers' conference and a junior day in an inspiring atmosphere.


Aldo Baerten

Aldo Baerten is Principal Flutist at the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Elim Chan, Edo de Waart en Philippe Herreweghe. He is Professor of Flute at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp, Hogeschool der Kunsten Utrecht (NL) en Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance London (UK). He is appointed for the Lehrauftrag Querflöte at the Musikhochschule Köln/Aachen. He gives masterclasses and concerts on 4 continents.

Peter Verhoyen

Peter Verhoyen is principal piccolo at the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, co-founder of the Arco Baleno ensemble and piccolo teacher at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp. As a piccolo specialist he has been invited in Europe and the USA to give masterclasses and piccolo recitals. With Arco Baleno and other ensembles he has made several CDs as well as various radio recordings.

Robert Pot

Robert Pot studied with Thies Roorda and Koos Verheul. He teaches and coaches educated professionals, students and very advanced amateurs. He is a co-founder, artistic leader and teacher in the annual ‘Festival Querwind – Flötentage Staufen’ near Freiburg. He is the founder of ‘Flöte Intensiv’ in the Landesmusikakademie Rheinland-Pfalz. He leads flute orchestra courses, technique workshops and teachers' training with advanced methodology and error analysis.

Blaž Snoj

Blaz Snoj obtained a master degree flute (class Aldo Baerten) and piccolo (class Peter Verhoyen) at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp. At the Dutch International Flute Competition was the winner of a special prize. He is sub principal flute and principal piccolo of the Nederlands Camerata and works as a free-lance musician with several orchestras in Belgium and Slovenia.

Stefan De Schepper

Stefan De Schepper won prizes in several piano competitions including Bach competition, Cantabile competition, Belfius Classics and Durlet competition. He gave concerts throughout Europe and the USA. He accompanies flute & piccolo classes at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp & performs & composes theatre productions for children.

Pieter-Jan Verhoyen

Pieter-Jan Verhoyen obtained his bachelor diplom (piano class Jan Michiels) and continues his studies in Antwerp (piano class Sergej Edelmann) and Brussels (pianoforte class Claire Chevalier). He won prizes in several competitions (Steinway Competition, Concours de Piano de Liège, Belfius Classics). With the Trio Telepatico he made his debut CD, was finalist at the Storioni competition and won first prize at Belfius Classics.

Helga Henckens

In her growing practice Helga Henckens teaches Alexander Technique individually. She cooperates free-lance with several professional associations and organizations for different performers e.g. clowns, dancers, singers, horsemen, children's choirs, marathon runners, teachers at music academies, teachers of senior sports.

Annemie Verhoyen

Annemie Verhoyen teaches flute at the Conservatory of Bruges. As a jury member she participates at the Benelux Flute Competition. Together with her husband Peter Verhoyen she was the co-founder and editor of 'Het Vlaams Fluitistentijdschrift' (1993-1998), a journal for flute players in Flanders.

Ann-Sofie Verhoyen

Ann-Sofie Verhoyen studies language and liiterature at the university of Kortrijk and harp at the conservatoire of Roubaix. She won first prize at the Harpegio harp competition (2010). For several years she was a member of the ReMix Orchestra (deFilharmonie). She is particularly interested in playing chamber music, with a preference for the flute and harp duo.


Known as the Venice of the North, Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! It was a justified motive that prompted UNESCO in 2000 to include the entire historical city centre on the World Heritage list. Walking along the maze of winding cobbled alleys and romantic canals, you imagine yourself to be in medieval times. The wealth of museums is a striking image of this city's stirring history. Bruges is also home to contemporary culture, such as the new Concert Hall, which is one of the most prominent music complexes in Flanders. Bruges is only 15 minutes by public transport from Zevenkerken.


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